SIC Committee 2017-2018
Renee Cooper, Chairperson & Parent
Hope Rhue, Co-Chair & Parent
Heather Turner, Secretary & Teacher
Tawanna Grant, SIC School Contact & Assistant Principal
Liz Brachna, Teacher
Janet Branham, Reading Coach
Penny Gamble, Community Member
Frank McClary, Community Member
Meredith Rodgers, Parent
Tara Ward, Assistant Principal
Adrienne Watford, Principal

What is School Improvement Council (SIC)?

In South Carolina, a School Improvement Council is an advisory council to the principal and school on issues related to school improvement.

Who Must be Represented on an SIC?

By state law, every SIC must have at least four different types of members: elected parents, elected teachers, appointed community members, and at least one ex-officio member who is the school principal.

How will SIC help to improve home, school and community relations?

  • Taking an active role in preparing and monitoring the School Improvement Plan,
  • Monitoring progress toward achieving School Improvement Plan goals, and
  • Developing, planning, supporting, and implementing improvement activities.

What leadership role does SIC hold?

Each SIC elects its own officers annually - a Chair, a Vice Chair or Co-Chair, and a Secretary. As SICs are not intended to (and should not) hold funds, there is no office of treasurer. It is the responsibility of the elected SIC Chair to preside over SIC meetings and to work with the principal to develop meeting agendas.

How are SICs funded?

Local SICs are not funded and do not have a budget. SIC representatives serve on a volunteer basis and SICs are not authorized to handle monies or maintain their own bank accounts. SICs can write grant proposals or request monetary or in-kind donations on behalf of their school so long as these are made directly to the school, PTA/PTO, or other authorized organization.

How can I learn more about SIC?

You can learn more about SIC by going to or you can contact our school contact person, Ms. Tawanna Grant at 843-264-3419.