Heather Turner Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Kindergarten Daily Schedule

H. Turner & B. Gadsden


7:30-7:55  Breakfast/Morning Message

7:55-9:20 Language Arts/Daily 5/Cafe'

9:20-10:10 Writers Workshop

10:10-10:50 Lunch/Restroom

10:55-12:20 Calendar/Math

12:20-12:50 Recess/Water/Snack

12:50-1:20 Centers/Assessments

1:25-2:15 Special Area

2:15-2:30 Pack up/Dismissal


Library: To Be Announced

***Please remember it is important that your child attends school daily and stays the entire day.  While we understand that there are times when you much pick them up early or that they may miss school (due to sickness, various appointments etc.), please make every effort to ensure that they are in attendance daily and on time!***