2018 GCSD Academic Fair!
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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Congratulations to the Andrews Elementary School Academic Team on a job well done at the 2018 GCSD Academic Fair.  The following are a list of our members for this year's team and the winners at the fair!

A huge thank you goes to our coaches Ashley Plexico and Tiffany Gasque, as well as, many other assistant coaches!


3rd/4th team

Lorelei Brown
Grace Bratcher
Dinard Brown
Kaleb Altman
Nevaeh Orange
Trinity Keeney
Shaylah Lewis
Avery Durham
Tyzhay Collins
Zahira Warren
Kassandra Balthazar-Salgado
Connor Morris

5th Team

David Pulido-Melchor
Samiyah Holloway
Noah Vause
Wilson Grant
Carsyn Tisdale
Jimmy Cuesta-Villareal
Briza Balthazar-Salgado
Gavin Wilson
Maddux Cooper
Isaiah Leggette
Jh’Nyhzhe Jacobs
Karen Olmeda-Pulido

3rd/4th Grade Team Awards and Placements

Map Reading-2nd Place

Lorelei Brown & Trinity Kenney


Grace Bratcher & Avery Durham

Net Research Creations-3rd

Dinard Brown & Tyzhay Collins

Pitch a Story-2nd

Kaleb Altman & Zahira Warren

STEM Creations-3rd

Connor Morris & Kassandra Balthazar-Salgado

Word Works-3rd place

Shaylah Lewis & Lorelei Brown

 Third Place Overall

3rd/4th Grade Team



5th Grade Team Awards and Placements

Map Reading-2nd Place

David Pulido-Melchor & Wilson Grant

Net Research Creations- 1st Place

Noah Vause & Karen Olmeda-Pulido

Pentathalon-2nd Place

Samiyah Holloway & Maddux Cooper















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