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AES Book Club

Requirements for participation

Book Club will meet in the Media Center during recess on each Monday. Participants will consist of sixteen students from the third, fourth, and fifth grade.


·         Must be able to stay after school on some days and have transportation to be picked up.
·         Nominated by a teacher or administrator
·         Must have no referrals
·         Must maintain an A/B average
·         Must be responsible and trustworthy
·         Must have NO overdue fines or library books
·         Parents must sign permission slip to be in the Reading Club where students use and are 
          responsible for an eReader.

Club Members Responsibilities:

·         Read the assigned pages in their assigned book each night
·         Participate in group discussions and silent reading during meeting times
·         Create booktalks, booktrailers, book banners etc.
·         Read to other classmates or classrooms
·         Help organize and participate in activities that Promote Reading such as book fair,
          READing celebrations, Library Week and Month, etc.

·         Help with AES Reading Club fundraisers
·         Design and set up book displays in Media Center and other areas of the school